About us

Hello and welcome.  We’re so grateful you dropped by.

This past year, I designed a few shirts and caps for the followers of my theOBXBeachBum website and we kept getting requests for new stuff.

For the longest time I resisted doing this, after all, I consider myself a photographer not a tshirt guy.

Now I’m a little more open to exploring being a tshirt guy that shoots photos. Who knows?

I’ve got a bunch of designs in the works and we’ve decided on a few shirt brands. 

After we get going we should be adding many new designs and tshirt styles to choose from.

It’s actually kind of scary for us to change gears in the middle of what we thought was our path, so I would ask that you pardon my timid approach to this venture. 

Sandie and I really appreciate your support.

Here’s too the beach bum life.

Roy & Sandie Edlund  -theOBXBeachBum

Roy & Sandie Edlund